Unprecedented potential - that could transform the way that you market your business

Marketing1 UK 2019 is a must have for any company active in the UK marketplace because it can help you
effectively target British businesses like never before.

To cover your current or future needs, Marketing1 UK 2019 provides you with genuine, qualified data essential for:

Email Marketing

Marketing1 UK 2019 includes 800'000 Businesses with email to help you reach potential new customers.

Direct mail

The flexible targeting options from Marketing1 UK 2019 help you generate responsive lists for successful direct mail operations.

Marketing1 UK 2019 gives you access to decision makers available by job function to help you run profitable telemarketing operations
Sales related informations

You can use Marketing1 UK 2019 to look for specific informations about your clients, prospects or partners like contact names, number of employees or email addresses.

High quality Data

With data sourced from the most reputable UK registrars and B2B suppliers, you can be confident that you're receiving accurate and valuable information.


Unparallelled targeting power, tailored to suit your business

Marketing1 UK 2019 lets you choose exactly who to target.  Select your prospects:

By industry

Choose which specific sector or industry to target from over 500 business categories and sub-categories.

By premise type

Select from 10 different premise types, from home-based businesses, to factories, head offices and retail outlets.

By location

Target a regional area, county or specific city.

By job title

Make sure you are speaking to the right person by
narrowing your selection to a specific job title, such as General Manager, Financial Director or Sales Director.

By company size

Whether you want to reach small businesses or large corporations, you can select from 10 different size ranges (based on the number of employees) to reach the size of businesses that fall within your target market.

By selecting only records with emails

Email marketing is proven to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to acquire new customers. Use the filter to select only companies that have an email address.

Comprehensive details with every single contact

To help you make the most of your marketing campaigns, every contact within the Marketing1 UK 2019 database is listed with full details, including:

    • Company name
    • Business Category - Industry
    • Mailing address
    • Phone, Fax numbers
    • Number of employees

    • Contact names (Decision Makers)
    • Email - Total number of records with email: 832'646
    • Website if available

Unlimited export to .csv or Excel (.xls) to create your targeted lists

You will get an unrestricted version which allows you to export an unlimited number of records into .csv or Excel (.xls) via the export module to create your targeted lists.

See the quality of the data yourself, with 500,000 Free Contacts

Click here to download a sample of the data (Excel file) with 500'000 Free Business Contacts

No possible comparison with the competition

To purchase just 10.000 addresses you would pay a UK address broker a minimum of £2000.

With Marketing1 you pay an even lower price for instant access to over 5,8 million comprehensive business contacts. You get access to the whole database and you can use it as often as you wish.

What is being offered by address brokers is no match with Marketing1.

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In addition to Marketing1 UK 2019, you will also receive our new database, TargetExecs UK 2019 for free!
TargetExecs UK gives you access to 30,000 senior level executives from the 5000 largest companies in the UK. Each contact is provided with their direct email address (no generic info@,....) and best phone number to reach them. You will receive an Excel file with the full database.

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Our final SALE - Closing Down Offer

We have paid substantial sums to acquire the data included in Marketing1 UK 2019 and TargetExecs UK 2019, but we are not passing the costs to you. Because we want to help many companies before closing down, we have decided to make something truly unimaginable:
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Frequently asked questions about Marketing1

Can you provide a discount for customers who purchased the 2017 edition?

We can't provide addditional discounts for customers who purchased the 2017 edition. The normal price of Marketing1 UK 2019 is £998. It represents a substantial upgrade to the 2017 edition.

How do i send email marketing campaigns?

We advise you to use one of the professional online email
marketing applications to send your email campaigns. Those online applications are accessible via your web browser and let you create, send and track personalised email campaigns at the click of a button, by automating everything for you:

lists management, unsubscribes, bounces, message
personalisation, text and HTML email delivery, response tracking and more.Those applications are very affordable. Type "email marketing solution" on Google to see the numerous available solutions.

Can you provide a count for e.g. the number of
restaurants with email addresses in Manchester.

We do not provide individual counts. Marketing1 UK 2019 lets you choose from 500 categories and sub-categories along with numerous other filters so you can generate highly targeted lists for your marketing campaigns. 

Why is your data less expensive than other

We don't have the large overheads of many of our competitors. We have also invested heavily in cutting edge database infrastructure technology, which means that we require less technical staff than our

How will the database be delivered?

Once your order is completed, you will receive a password to access the download page from our website. You will then be able to download the installation file and install the software into your computer. You don't have to wait to receive a CD through the mail. The software works on your computer and you don't need to be connected to the Internet to use it once you complete the download.

Can you handle our direct marketing campaign?

We focus specifically on developing our databases, so for the time being we’re not, unfortunately, able to offer a fulfilment service.

When was the database last updated?

The current version was recently updated in January 2019.

What configuration is needed to run the software?

The software works on all Windows versions so will be
compatible with your PC. It does not work on Apple Macs unless you install Windows.
The size of the installation file is 350 MB and you need at least 1GB available disk space on your computer.

Is it possible to re-sell the addresses?

You can not re-sell the software. However, you can re-sell the addresses as long as you don't sell more than 20'000 addresses at a time.

Does the software include a single user or multi-user license?

You get a multi user license which allows you to install the
software on up to 5 computers as long as it is used for your internal use.

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